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Medium:  Plywood, Softwood, Recycled laths,

         Oil Stain, Acrylic Paint, Nails, Paper,

         Twine, Recycled Rubber Hose

Size:    24" x 60" x 2"

Weight:  Approximately 40 lbs

Year:    2003

  Price: $ 75,000.00 Taxes Included








    In 2004, I decided to take the direct marketing approach for selling some of my art. It was in the dead of winter, mid-February and 20 below zero outside. I sat down inside and wrote TIGER WOODS  a letter.Along with the letter, I sent him a copy of my first book,a copy of my CD, newspaper clippings about me and my art, photos of myself and photos of my EXTREME BACKYARD GOLF COURSE. 

    Here’s a copy.


A Picture Made For Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger,

Let me introduce myself as Ben Ploughman, a self-taught Canadian folk artist from the province of Newfoundland. I've enclosed two photos of a new piece of golf folk art I just finished in my studio. Since the story behind this piece titled Tiger's Training School, centers around you and a group of golfers in training, the Newfoundland fishermen, I've taken the liberty of finding your mailing address and communicating to you in writing. If you read the one page story on the Cod Closure you'll realize that things are not all that well here in Atlantic Canada. It's my job to tell the story of the fishermen and their families.

The story of Tiger Training School revolves around a bunch of fishermen who have retired early from the fishing industry under the Federal Government's Early Retirement Program, but are looking for a hobby or a second career. Aware that the two fastest growing sports in the world are wrestling and golf, the fishermen decide on becoming golfers. The first thing they realize is that if they are going to be good they'll need a good trainer; only the best will do. So they invite Tiger Woods to Newfoundland to set up a training school and he agrees. He informs them they need a big, open, empty space so they can set up a driving range. The fishermen respond by telling Tiger they know of a big, empty, space - the ocean down off the local wharf.
So they go ahead and set it up.

The fishing boats on the collar are to represent the green for each golfer. On the wharf each golfer is holding an iron with a pile of floating balls stacked next to his T -ball. If you look closely you'll see that each golfer has already driven a number of balls off their tee. Close inspection shows that each golfer has a driving problem, whether it be a slice to the right, a slice to the left, too short, too long, etc. Tiger being Tiger, has driven most of his balls and placed them on the Par 3 green; in his boat. The two dogs, the yellow Labrador Retriever and the black Newfoundland, have been trained to swim out and retrieve the golf balls.

One more observation needs pointing out. The fishermen at the far left appear not to have a driving problem. No floating balls appear anywhere around his boat green. This would lead one to conclude that he has driven all of his balls and landed them in the boat; A natural born golfer.

Like yourself, Tiger, I like the game of golf, but there is no golf course within 200 miles of where I live. So, I built my own in the backyard starting with a bag of bent grass I bought from my friend who is building Gros Morne Resort here in Newfoundland.

From the photo you can see I have a proper green, 3 sand traps, the remaining of the yard is the fairway and in the far corner of the yard I have a huge driving net. The bottom line is, I feel I have the game of golf somewhat confined to one half acre of backyard, which I hope one day to show how to play an 18 hole game of golf on a video. This summer we'll be having the first annual Backyard Golf Tournament and you're invited!

If you've read this, Mr. Woods, I kindly thank you for your time in doing so and congratulate you on being named Player of the Year for 2003.

If you or any of your associates might be interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to contact me at your convenience. If not heard from in a reasonable amount of time I'll assume no interest to purchase and send it off to some gallery in Toronto or Ottawa, or put it on the net. The small piece in the photos, similar in detail to the piece in question, is that of Mike Weir's Training School. I've also sent him a letter, photos and story.

I'm not yet connected to the Internet, but can be reached by phone at (709) 861-3280 or my mailing address is on my brochure.

To conclude, in the winter time I flatten the snow down on the green using my snowshoes. I place a green garbage can on an angle in the center of the green and chip golf balls from the doorway of my studio. At 30 yards and using some 300 balls one out of every 8 goes in.

Bye for now,
Ben J. Ploughman

Tiger Woods Mailing Address

International Management Group
Attn: Tiger Woods
IMG Center, Suite #100
1360 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, Ohio

c/o Royal Canadian Golf Association




   I did not hear back from TIGER or anyone else.My letter to TIGER and the support material that I sent must have ended up in a waste paper basket and not on TIGER’S desk.

    So now it is your turn.

    You can be the proud owner of a piece of art that could have been hanging on the wall in the home of  elite golfer ,TIGER WOODS. But instead, it is hanging on your wall.