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  Special Art Pieces: by Commission





A Unique Style of Folk Art


(Click any Image on this site to view a larger picture)

By Newfoundland Contemporary Artist
Benedict Joseph Ploughman

Exhibited at Arts & Culture Centre St. John's January 2015




3D Wooden Folk Art



Folk art is not art-school art but it's self-taught, outsider art that comes from the heart. It's art that's outside the mainstream and made by thinking outside the box.

Made partly from recycled lobster trap laths, individually hand-carved characters, and other sculptured pieces, each picture has a story to tell about Newfoundland and it's distinct people. But I don't limit my work to just my Newfoundland surroundings.

The inspiration for my work often comes from a response to critical and crucial events in Newfoundland such as the collapse of the Atlantic cod fishery, a rapid decline in rural population and lack of meaningful employment. Therefore my style and subject matter is strongly influenced by my surroundings in this little corner of the world, rural outport Newfoundland. I consider myself a contemporary self-taught artist just keeping track of what's going on around me and in the process helping to preserve a piece of our past for future generations.




  I am  in the early stages of putting together a rough draft of a book of my art. It will be a hard cover, coffee table type of book with photos of my art with a short story explaining each piece. So, no new art in the near future. The possible title of my book is "Folk Art by Ben J. Ploughman, The First 25 Years"

  Therefore, if you are a collector or first-time buyer of my art, I would suggest you get a piece NOW as supply is limited. Some of the pieces shown in the Gallery are Book Pieces and may not be available for sale for some time unitl I get them photographed by a Professional photographer. Please contact me for availability of art shown in the GALLERY section.



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